About Us

45 years of experience

About Company

It is established and managed by Mr.Nazieh Al-Jabali in 2013, the Founder General Manager of “Anwar Jordan Est”

The Company is founded to meet the needs of Local markets of industrial equipments and raw materials in various shapes ,sizes and use like Teflon , Metals “ Stainless steel , Iron, Copper, Aluminum, etc…” , Motors & Gears , Drive belts, fittings , Valves, Flanges, Chains, Toothed, Screws & Bolts, Wheels, Electrical Parts, Forklift, Machine shops parts, etc..

All of these make this Company one of best suppliers in industrial sector in Jordan for what It has of plurality of existing material in its warehouses.

There are two branches for the Company :
Sahab branch which is located in AL-rajeeb behind Mercedes benz Company . AL-Quaismeh Branch .
Goals of the company:
Upgrading the level of Company by providing the best service for the customers. Gain the largest amount of customers through the quality and diversity of materials provided to them.